Crimpy Flash


Crimpy Flash


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Reinforced flat mylar with two crossed polyamide end points. In addition to the classic solid colors, variants have also been created by mixing together two or single colors, including the use of UV and rainbow fibers, in order to obtain new and highly effective combinations. Ideal for all streamers and by using individual fibers, it doubles as a killer ribbing material for nymphs and other flies.

300 strands per pack.

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131-Ultra Violet, 132-Pearl, 140-Silver, 141-Gold, 141155132-Gold Green, 142-Copper, 142140132-Shiny Gold, 142143132-Old Copper, 142143153-Deep Water, 143-Tobacco, 143153147-Sky Fire, 143153157-Sky Green, 143156147-Passion Fire, 143156157-Copper Green, 143157132-Burned Grass, 144-Brown, 145-Black, 147-Red, 147157132-Fire Green, 148-Antique Pink, 149-Fuxia, 150142132-Red Rainbow, 150142143-Fuego, 151-Lilac, 152-Purple, 153-Royal Blue, 153145132-Shiny Sky, 154-Sea Blue, 155-Aqua Blue, 156-Rock Oil, 157-Forest Green, 158-Aqua Green, 158145132-Shiny Green, 159-Dark Fuxia, 163-Rainbow

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