Master Nymph LLC warrants its fly fishing rods against breakage due to defects in materials or workmanship for the life of the original purchaser if he/she retains ownership of the rod. The warranty shall be effective only for new rods purchased directly from Master Nymph LLC and registered on the Master Nymph product registration page of the Master Nymph website within 30 days of purchase. PLEASE NOTE that Master Nymph LLC cannot be held responsible for any damage or breakage to any Master Nymph product if it is damaged or broken by any one other than the registered original owner.

Any person that purchases a secondhand Master Nymph rod must be aware that the original owner lifetime warranty does not transfer to any secondhand owner. All costs connected to repairs of any nature for such a Master Nymph rod will be the full responsibility of the person in question.

This warranty is limited to the repair or replacement of the rod. All Master Nymph fly rods are thoroughly inspected throughout the entire process of creating a Master Nymph fly rod. Our deep inspection processes start when the blank is removed from the oven and continues throughout the entire build process by flex and stress testing to ensure the high quality of our workmanship. However, if breakages or any defect in workmanship occurs, simply contact Master Nymph directly and explain what happened and arrange sending it back to us for inspection. If Master Nymph determines that the rod is indeed defective or any breakages were due to any manufacturing error, Master Nymph will repair or replace the broken or defective part t no cost to the original owner.  Repair of non-warranty damage to Master Nymph rods is available for a reasonable charge. The reasonable charge is solely at our own discretion and varies from part to part. Materials and color may vary from those used on the original rod.

Warranty does not cover lost sections or lost rods, ordinary wear and tear, neglect or intentional breakage. Master Nymph reserves the right to determine how the damage to any Master Nymph rod was caused and make any decision based on that determination.

All Master Nymph rods are designed to perform to the very highest standard in any normal usage situation. Normal usage is to be regarded as any normal fishing situation. It is of great importance for the customer to realize that any external pressure to the thin-walled products that we manufacture can cause breakages to parts. Things such as tungsten beads hitting the rod blank at high speed, squeezing the rod blank too hard while assembling or disassembling any ferruled part can cause severe damage to a part. Please take great care when assembling or disassembling your Master Nymph rod. Damages of this nature are not deemed to be manufacturing faults in any way, and repair costs of such damage will be the responsibility of the customer.

All Master Nymph fly rods come with a protective rod bag, and protective rod tube, we advise using these on ever fishing trip. Any damages that occur while transporting rods without their protective rod bag and rod tube will not be the responsibility of Master Nymph, and any repair costs of this nature will be the responsibility of the customer.

Master Nymph reserves the right to cancel a customer’s warranty privileges should a customer take it upon themselves to act aggressively to any Master Nymph employee. Any threats, of any nature will not be tolerated, either written or verbally and will result in the termination/cancellation of any product warranty that Master Nymph LLC offer.

A return shipping, handling and mailing insurance charge will be applied to repairs. Original owner is responsible for the cost of sending in the rod to be repaired including insurance and any duty or taxes due on international shipments. This warranty does not cover damage caused by use for other than its intended purpose or through attempted modifications or customization of the finished rod. In no event does Master Nymph LLC accept or assume any responsibility or liability for incidental or consequential damages related to or arising from ownership or use of the rod or blank.

The purchase of any Master Nymph product from the Master Nymph website is confirmation that any customer has accepted any and all of Master Nymph LLC’s terms and conditions of doing business, including but not limited to warranty policy, privacy policy, terms & conditions, etc.


In order to receive the benefits of the Master Nymph lifetime warranty, please register your new rod within 30 days of purchase. All Master Nymph LLC rods come with a unique serial number card. This card must be stored in a safe place after initial product registration on the Master Nymph website.

Get information about registering your rod here.

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