MN shield and bellator

Fully designed and built in the USA, Always.

Proprietary Blank Patterns & Design

From start to finish, every single stage of our blank design process is unique to us. In house mandrel design gives us the freedom to create our original tapers for each technique specific blank that we design. Our technology has never been used in fly rod design and ensures that our patterns remain exclusive to us.
Every stage of our design process is done in house by a team of people that have worked in the fly rod business for decades right here in Washington State.

Select Modulus Carbon Fiber & Resins

Alongside having the most unique designs in the industry, we have access to the worlds highest quality carbon fiber manufacturers and resin system chemists. We can tap into this incredible knowledge bank whenever we decide to design a new blank, no matter what technique it is to be designed for. Dry fly specific blanks, European nymphing blanks, reservoir and lake fishing blanks, there truly are no limits to what we can achieve when we “roll” with our next dream. When we combine this with the points listed underneath, you can rest assure that you are not only buying a fully made in the USA product, but you are buying a product that is created using the very best materials that we can get our hands on!

Proprietary Machinery & Systems

The difference between our machinery and others is quite simply put, worlds apart!
We have access to engineers that have created unique blank making equipment for decades. We combined with these geniuses to come up with custom machinery tailor made for each of our products main component, the blank!
Utilizing these one off machinery systems gives us the ability to create anything that may appear in our dreams, or more specifically to create a truly technique specific product for our customers.

Custom Components

Our in-house designed and fully made in the USA reel seat is not only incredibly lightweight, but features never before used innovation to create a beautiful design that gives a nod to traditional fly fishing, but also ensures that tactical and technological edge.
We use REC® RECOIL Guides ultra lightweight single foot guides that feature a black pearl PVD (physical vapor deposition) coating for incredible shootability & durability. PVD coating create a metal/ceramic barrier that not only protects the guides, but also your fly line and leader! The same coating is applied to the REC® RECOIL Guides lightweight stripping guides and tip top and single foot hook keeper.
Our true flor grade custom grip shape has become synonymous with Euronymphing techniques around the world, designed to minimize fatigue and amplify bite detection, its unique taper offers the angler the ability to fish in the most sensitive manner possible, while maintaining ultimate control over the fish.

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