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STROFT manufactures the world finest fly fishing tippet. 
STROFT FC1 100% fluorocarbon is without doubt the very highest quality fluorocarbon tippet that we have ever used, and its the strongest too! We tested many of top brands of flourocarbon against STROFT FC1 specifically for Euro Nymphing, and STROFT FC1 won convincingly in every test. Master Nymph highly recommends STROFT FC1 for specific use in Euro Nymphing techniques.
For dry fly fishing, there is simply no other choice than STROFT GTM. In many tests around the world, STROFT GTM comes out as the clear winner in incredible strength to diameter comparisons, simply put, STROFT GTM is the thinnest and strongest monofilament tippet material in the world.
Alongside these incredible tippet material products, STROFT also offer superior fly fishing leaders. Manufactured in unique ways to achieve ultimate turnover, strength and presentation.  
The STROFT tippet spool system is the best solution for tippet management on the planet! It not only holds your tippet spools inside a protective case, but also includes a clamp to keep your tippet spools from exploding, and it also features a built in cutter that’s not only makes things so much easier, but also saves on trips to the dentist!
Once again, Master Nymph seriously recommends the use of STROFT fly fishing products!

Stroft FC 1 100% Fluorocarbon Tippet

The best European nymphing tippet in the world!

STROFT FC 1 is the only tippet that came up with the highest breaking strain ever achieved with 100% fluorocarbon. Particular focus is laid on the line’s knot strength which is fine tuned for each individual diameter. Because of that highly crucial characteristic and its other significant benefits – abrasion resistance, faster sink rate, minimal tensile elongation, strike elongation, casting performance, longevity, low visibility  – STROFT FC 1 is the perfect tippet for all subsurface fishing, especially Euro nymphing. We tested FC1 against several other top ranked fluorocarbon brands on our home river in Montana, and it convincingly beat them all when used for Euro nymphing.

Stroft GTM Monofilament Tippet

The Worlds  Strongest Monofilament Tippet

STROFT GTM is the worlds number 1 monofilament tippet. The TÜV in Munich (Germanys leading standards organisation) confirmed that STROFT GTM was the best line tested – and in the US magazine THE FLYFISHERMAN 2012 Tippet SHOOTOUT – Final results the STROFT GTM was found to be Our top pick for overall strength! The main aim of the tuning process that STROFT GTM undergoes is to maximise the line’s breaking strain whilst improving its highly elastic suppleness. All this makes STROFT GTM the perfect fishing line whenever knot strength in combination with all the other attributes of a top quality fishing line are in demand. STROFT GTM is the right fishing line for all anglers who only want the best quality.

Stroft Spool Management System

The STROFT Spool Management System is a long awaited solution to an age old problem for the modern day fly fisher.
This 5 spool system features 5 individual spool housings manufactured from ballistic plastic and each housing has its own internal braking mechanism that ensures that your spools do not free spool. On the outer edge of each spool housing there is a rubber clamp that holds your tippet in place, and a tungsten carbide cutting blade that will save both your teeth and your search for your expensive nippers!
All 5 spool housings simply click together to form the best tippet spool management system ever devised!

Comes with a carabiner that feeds through the entire system so that you can hook it onto your pack or vest with ease. Tippet spool sold separately!

Stroft Tippet Rings

STROFT tippet rings provide 100% knot strength

The rings are manufactured utilising a high-grade, corrosion-resistant alloy. They pass through various manufacturing procedures and are then drum polished to ensure smoothness as well as maximum static friction, thereby guaranteeing the highest knot strength. Finally they are anodised, resulting in a grey black sheen that reflects very little light. The rings increase the breaking strain of connections between two lines of up to 100%. The rings simplify changing leaders and avoid repeatedly shortening the main line. They are well suited for use in combination with dry-fly leaders; the rings are very light and are carried by the waters surface-tension. Also enclosed are mounting instructions, knot sketches and breaking strain table.

Stroft Leaders - Made in Germany

Incredibly high quality, German engineered and manufactured, you can be sure that Stroft leaders will be the best that you have ever used. As with all Stroft products, there is zero exaggeration about diameter and breaking strain, the truth is clearly there for all to see on the packaging. Manufactured from the world famous GTM monofilament material which has won many awards and tests around the world, and feature extremely unique tapers to fit literally any situation. These are the leaders that we use ourselves for a reason. Simply the best!
Stroft manufacture their own materials in Germany, they do not manufacture products for any other company.
There is a very clear reason why many of the worlds top competition anglers rely on Stroft quality and have done for years!

Stroft Leader Wallet

Manufactured from the finest German leather the Stroft leader wallet is the perfect way to store all of your leaders.
Featuring 6 high quality transparent leader pockets with an easy identification system included, you can be comfortable knowing that all of your favorite Euronymphing leaders and standard fly fishing leaders are in a safe place.

Finished in Stroft blue with the Stroft logo embossed into the leather, the leader wallet has a built in magnetic closure system that will keep everything where it needs to be.

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