Designed By Master Nymph - Built By Monic - In The USA!

Master Nymph Dynamic Fly Lines

Utilizing our decades of competitive fly fishing experience, and the decades of fly line innovation of Monic Fly lines, we were able to create the worlds finest and most techologically advanced Euronymphing fly lines.

Painstaking research and development over a two year period, and countless hours of on the water prototype testing were done in order to bring our designs to life.

Unique and never before used core and coating materials were combined alongside innovative ideas to create the perfect Euronymphing line.

We offer three different ranges of specifically designed and built Euronymphing fly lines in a range of different colors to ensure that every anglers own personal and situation specific requirements are met.

Master Nymph G*HST Euro line

Our flagship, the worlds most sensitive Euronymphing line!
Built on and incredibly thin gel-spun core, our “Heightened Sensitivity Transmission” or GH*ST line will send every single vibration right through the fly line into your fingertips and your rod!

It transmits a never before achieved sensitivity allowing you to “feel” every single grain of sand, on the bottom of the river and much more importantly, every single take!
The G*HST line has absolutely zero stretch due to the unique Gel-spun core combined with our very own proprietary coating. As always, all of our Euronymphing lines come with a factory fitted 2mm German alloy tippet ring for lighting fast tippet connections, and a micro loop at the reel end for easy backing to fly line connections.

Master Nymph TNLTECH Euro line

TNLTECH is our 16 carrier hollow braided core euronymphing fly line offering.

We opted to change the type of core materials used which reduces diameter and weight, but actually increases the overall breaking strain of the fly line.
Coupled with our proprietary fly line jacket material, this combination ensures a memory free, super supple and beautifully accurate casting Euronymphing line.
As with all of our Dynamic fly lines, the TNLTECH comes with a factory fitted tippet ring at the business end as standard, but for the angler that prefers to insert the butt section of their leader directly into the core of the fly line, this would be the choice.
All of our dynamic fly lines also come with a factory fitted micro loop at the backing end to make backing to fly line connections super easy.

Master Nymph MNOFUZE Euro line

The MNOFUZE Euroline is the third and final offering in our Euroline range.

Manufactured using an incredibly high quality monofilament core, which we do not “rough up” in order to get the jacket to adhere better like many other mono core fly lines on the market, instead we use our proprietary fly line jacket technology.
The combination of these two components creates an incredibly low memory super supple and accurate fly line specifically designed & built for this technique.
As with all of our Dynamic fly lines, the MNOFUZE comes with a factory fitted German alloy tippet ring and micro loop for seamless and easy fly line to leader and backing to fly line connections and are fully FIPS Mouche compliant.
90ft overall length.

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