Bauers Pike Flash


Bauers Pike Flash


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Flat film with holographic effects created by laser technology. Packaged in a 32 centimeter long hank, this material is perfect for tying both salt water patterns and fresh water streamers for pike and musky.

300 strands per pack.

Manufactured in Italy by Textreme Fly Tying Materials – sold exclusively in North America by Nymphmaster.

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H140-Holo Silver, H141-Holo Gold, H142-Holo Copper, H143-Holo Bronze, H145-Holo Black, H147-Holo Red, H148-Holo Pink, H150-Holo Lilac, H152-Holo Purple, H154-Holo Blue, H157-Holo Green, H159-Holo Claret, H160-Holo Chartreuse, H166-Holo Turquoise, H167-Holo Lemon, H168-Holo Bordeaux, H169-Holo Orange

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