Squirmy – Old School


Squirmy – Old School


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This is the real stuff, the stuff that was born in the south, the stuff that contributed to a ridiculous amount of medals around the world!

Back in the day when this stuff was still quite a well kept secret, it was taken from a children’s toy, that was the start of it all, and we’ve always used that exact same material. When it was revealed to the world at the World Youth fly fishing championships in Poland, it became an overnight global NEED in fly tying. The Chinese factories made all kinds of different versions of it, the more it became commercially desirable, and the materials were changed, they never could quite replicate the real squirmy material ever again.

The children toys became obsolete, and were no longer manufactured, so the world was stuck with a poor imitation of the real thing that actually did win the medals.

We have managed to procure several pounds of this world shattering material, in the old school red color, and the old school blue color. Honestly, you really don’t need much more. Trout and Steelhead will collapse at the sight of this stuff, and give up immediately to your worm.

I was personally involved in the fight to keep this material legal at competition level internationally, and fought hard to do so. Sadly, last year it was banned for life………VIVE LA SQUIRMY!!!!

Each pack has a generous dollop of this incredible material!

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