Standard 3/0 Tying Thread 135 Denier


Standard 3/0 Tying Thread 135 Denier


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The standard tying thread size used by most tiers in the World. Characterized by a particularly rough surface which makes it suitable for tying any type of dubbing. Incredible tensile strength in relation to its size, Textreme tying thread have an incredible range of colors, and it truly is one of the most powerful standard tying threads on the planet today!

100 meter spools, 135 Denier, 3/0 size.

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01-White, 02-Black, 03-Gray, 04-Sand, 05-Dk. Brown, 06-Brown, 07-Lt. Brown, 08-Dk. Olive, 09-Olive, 10-Lt. Olive, 11-Claret, 12-Red, 13-Orange, 14-Yellow, 15-Cream, 16-Purple, 17-Dk. Gray, 18-Lt. Claret, 19-Lilac, 20-Light Pink, 21-Pink, 22-Coral, 23-Coffee, 24-Chocolate, 25-Rusty Brown, 26-Beige, 27-Lemon, 28-Mint, 29-Peacock, 30-Green, 31-Blue, 32-Fluo Yellow, 33-Chartreuse, 34-Fluo Orange, 35-Fluo Hot Orange, 36-Fluo Pink

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