Body Fly Pearl 170 Denier


Body Fly Pearl 170 Denier


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A flat translucent film, reinforced by a double monofilament nylon thread. This material is perfect for tying nymphs or wet flies, and even works great on dry fly bodies. An innovative and easy to use material makes it fantastic for bodies, tails and pretty much whatever your mind comes up with. By far one of our most used materials, and certainly one of our very favorites.

35 meters per spool, 170 denier.

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01-Fluo White, 02-Fluo Black, 03-Fluo Yellow, 04-Fluo Pink, 05-Fluo Green, 06-Fluo Orange, 07-Fluo Light Blue, 08-Fluo Lilac, 09-fluo Claret, 10-Fluo Purple

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