Frizz Single Sided Chenille


Frizz Single Sided Chenille


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Frizz is a fully synthetic chenille type product, with all the fibers wound into the core along the same side.

Designed mainly for streamer patterns such as Wooly Buggers and lake flies, but it also works great on various nymph patterns like stoneflies!

Each of the main translucent fibers measure 10mm and are back up with a very thin natural fiber alongside it, which creates a really nice frizzy effect with tons of movement, and due to the fact that they all run along the same side of the core, it makes for a really awesome product when you are trying to reduce mass to your fly, but maintain plenty of action.

The dyes used in this product are true colorfast dyes and are guaranteed not to bleed out when they get wet.

Sold in packets of 3 yards per color.

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Blood Red, Raspberry, Magenta, Barbie Pink, Pink Bubblegum, Flamingo, Orange, Sunburst Orange, Hot Coral, Fleshy Pink, Cotton Candy, Cream Soda, Pale Yellow, Sunburst, Sunburst Yellow, Mustard Seed, Lime, Evergreen, Sage Green, Mint, Emerald, Baby Blue, Sky Blue, Aquamarine, Royal Blue, Midnight Blue, Turquoise, Lavender, Lilac, Grape Royale, Bordeaux, Golden Brown, Milk Chocolate, Rootbeer, Dark Olive, Black Licorice, Gun Metal Gray, Marshmallow, Cream, Champagne, Fluo Pink, Toxic Fuschia, Fluo Yellow, Fluo Green Apple, Tartan Highlander, Autumn Leaves, Easter Egg, Fluo Carnival, Fluo Pink Bubblegum, Fluo Mojito

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