Glitter Thread 230 Denier


Glitter Thread 230 Denier


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An iridescent micro yarn that can be used to create the bodies of buzzers and larvae patterns, as well as for tying ribbing in combination with other materials. The massive amount of color options provides for a huge range of possibilities. This material is one of our favorites for creating perdigon pattern and most other nymphs. Its also a really great material for creating dry fly bodies and wing fibers for streamers!

35 meters per spool, 230 denier.

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01-White, 02-Black, 03-Dk. Gray, 04-Gray, 05-Lt. Brown, 06-Rust, 07-Dk. Brown, 08-Brown, 09-Golden Brown, 10-Blood Red, 11-Red, 12-Red Rainbow, 13-Hot Pink, 14-Pink, 15-Hot Ciclamin, 16-Ciclamin, 17-Pearl Purple, 18-Lt. Purple, 19-Violet, 20-Dk Violet, 21-Purple, 22-Blue Rainbow, 23-Rainbow, 24-Dk. Blue, 25-Blue, 26-Lt. Blue, 27-Lt.Green Rnbw, 28-Green Rnbw, 29-Dk. Green, 30-Green, 31-Olive, 32-Lt. Olive, 33-Golden Olive, 34-Yellow, 35-Orange, 36-Dk Orange

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