Jumbo Cactus UV 30mm


Jumbo Cactus UV 30mm


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The largest Cactus Chenille ever made Worldwide. Its exceptional width of 30 mm renders it particularly suitable for use with larger flies that require bulky yet lightweight bodies. In fact, the amount of effect fiber is dosed in such a way so as to ensure optional coverage for the pattern, without compromising the final weight. In this version the base fibers have a UV rainbow effect.

3 meters per card.

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10-White/Uv, 100-Red/Uv, 101-Pink/Uv, 102-Orange/Uv, 110-Yellow/Uv, 120-Chartreuse/Uv, 121-Fluo Yellow/Uv, 122-Fluo Orange/Uv, 123-Fluo Pink/Uv, 124-Fluo Fucshia/Uv, 125-Fluo Red/Uv, 131132-Pearl/Uv, 20-Black/Uv, 30-Peacock/Uv, 43-Pearl Gray/Uv, 53-Tan/Uv, 60-Brown/Uv, 70-Olive/Uv, 78-Blue Silver Doctor/Uv, 90-Purple/Uv, 92-Claret

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