Kaleidoscope Dubbing

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Kaleidoscope Dubbing


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Nymphmaster Kaleidoscope dubbing is the jewel in our dubbing crown.
Manufactured using a proprietary spinning technique, the natural and synthetic base fibers are blown through tubes using compressed air, ensuring an even mix of fibers without any imperfections, and then cut to length and blended by hand in small batches.

The natural base fiber of each color is a blend of various wools and rose cellulose, and the kaleidoscope effect is obtained from the addition of 5 different colored synthetic fibers, Gold, Yellow, Blue, Red and Green.

This wonderful dubbing is perfect for touch dubbing techniques, dubbing loops, ropes and really springs to life when brushed out!

Sold in packages of approximately 1.5 grams – Hand made in the USA!

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Olive Kaleidoscope, Burnt Orange Kaleidoscope, Black Kaleidoscope, Crimson Kaleidoscope, Canary Kaleidoscope, Chocolate Kaleidoscope, Teal Kaleidoscope, Polar Kaleidoscope, Claret Kaleidoscope, Blue Sapphire Kaleidoscope

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