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Marabou Premium


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Its becoming increasingly difficult to find high quality marabou feathers. Most of the stuff you can find is from China, and has been dyed using extremely unsafe chemicals, which are not good for the end user or the environment. Dye processes are extremely important for fly tier, we’ve all been there, run out of a pack of your favorite color, order another one, and its a different shade, annoying to say the least!

We’ve been searching for a USA supplier of Marabou feathers for a few years, one that uses a safe and consistent dyeing process, and we are happy to announce that we have found what we believe to be the very highest quality, made in the USA premium marabou in the world!

To start off, we decided to launch 13 colors, of the very highest fashion grade marabou feathers. All strung, which means that the feathers are stitched together at the base of the stem, which is a great way to keep things organized for the end user.

All of our Premium Marabou is dyed using an environmentally safe technique, and will ensure that all your colors stay the same tone each time you order a new packet.

Packaged in UV protective barrier packaging to remove any possibility of fading in direct sunlight.

Approximately 35 strung feathers per pack.

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Hot Coral, Red, Peachy Cream, Ginger, English Sunburst, Olive, Fluo Chartreuse, Fleshy Pink, Fuchsia, Claret, Grape Royale, Black, White

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