G*HST Euro Nymphing Fly line

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G*HST Euro Nymphing Fly line


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The worlds first gel spun core Euronymphing line!

Masternymph G*HST (Gelspun Heightened Sensitivity Transmission) is built using a micro thin gel spun core with a slick and supple jacket.
The benefits of using a Gelspun core for Euronymphing are literally mind-blowing!

The proprietary zero stretch gelspun core offers never before seen sensitivity for Euro style nymphing techniques, it transmits every single feel factor up through the fly line into your rod and your hand, you will feel every single feature on the bottom of the river, and quickly learn to differentiate between rocks, sand, gravel, leaves, branches, logs and of course the most delicate fish takes.
This fly line was developed over a two year period, including dozens of prototype stages, countless weeks of actual on the water product testing in Idaho and Montana, and hundreds of hours on the phone in order to bring our customers what we truly believe is the best European Nymphing fly line in the World.

  • Zero stretch gelspun micro core for unsurpassed sensitivity, strike detection and instantaneous hook set
  • Proprietary Master Nymph “Nymphisible” coating that makes the fly line invisible to fish
  • German made 2mm factory fitted tippet ring for easy leader to fly line connection
  • Factory fitted micro loop for easy backing to fly line connection
  • Competition legal diameter 0.55/0.22 FIPS Mouche rules legal
  • Full length (90ft/27.5mtr) FIPS Mouche rules legal
  • Fully designed/manufactured in the USA by Master Nymph & Monic Fly Lines
  • Available in 6 colors to give every angler a choice to match their own style of Euronymphing.

Quite simply put, this Euronymphing line is the most sensitive tactile fly line ever created, and we are excited to finally bring it to the market!

Weight 0.1 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 1 in

Nymphisible Barely Blue, Polar White, Light Olive, Nymphisible Light Chartreuse, Rootbeer, Black Sable

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