Pure Italian Silk 90 Denier


Pure Italian Silk 90 Denier


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A thin thread made of pure Italian silk, made using a very special technique that renders it extremely bright and soft. Suitable for tying both complete bodies, as well as ribbing on bodies with natural bases. This is one of our very favorite tailing materials for nymphs and soft hackles, but don’t tell anyone! Recommended for use on hooks between the sizes 10 and 18.

50 meters per spool, 90 denier.

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01-White, 02-Black, 03-Blue Dun, 04-Gray, 05-Tan, 06-Brown, 07-Light Olive, 08-Medium Olive, 09-Olive, 10-Dark Olive, 11-Bordeaux, 12-Claret, 13-Scarlet, 14-Red, 15-Orange, 16-Yellow, 17-Lilac, 18-Ciclamin

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