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STROFT FC1 FLUOROCARBON  is the tippet that delivered the highest breaking strain ever achieved with 100% fluorocarbon. Particular focus is laid on the line’s knot strength which is fine tuned for each individual diameter. Because of that highly crucial characteristic and its other significant benefits – abrasion resistance, faster sink rate, minimal tensile elongation, strike elongation, casting performance, longevity, low visibility – STROFT FC 1 is the perfect solution for all subsurface tippet requirements, especially Euronymphing!
Many world champions amongst the world championship circuit use FC1 exclusively when it comes to subsurface flyfishing. It excels in modern nymphing techniques because of its anti abrasion characteristics, its invisibility to fish, and phenomenal knot strength and its incredible suppleness.
Simply put, this fluorocarbon tippet material is the best ever created!

Master Nymph have tested this product extensively against many of the other options available on the market today, and without any doubt whatsoever, it won convincingly when used for all Euro Nymphing applications including but not limited to dry dropper techniques & 2 and 3 nymph rigs. Its incredible abrasion resistance is like thing we have seen before, which is especially important when practicing Euro Nymphing techniques due to all the rocks, logs and branches we find ourselves fishing amongst. Its knot strength is again, where it really shines! In our testing, we used a triple surgeons knot for all of our droppers, and a simple 6 turn clinch knot for the flies and to connect it to the tippet ring at the end of our leader. In comparison to the other brands that we tested using the exact same set up, STROFT FC1 out performed every single one of the other brands in every single way. Knot strength was so impressive as we did not once get broken off due to knot failure. The actual tensile strength also impressed in comparison, and not once were were broken off in normal fishing usage. Its soft and supple nature benefitted greatly due to the added natural movement in the flies going through the drift and also when casting the flies with a tuck cast, which seemed to send the flies down to the bottom way quicker and more naturally.

All in all, we have used pretty much every single other Fluorocarbon tippet on the market over the last 20 years or so, and nothing comes even slightly close compared to STROFT FC1. On a personal note, we won’t be fishing with anything else, period!

German engineering – German quality – German Made

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