Violent Violet Gumbo Dubbing

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Violent Violet Gumbo Dubbing


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We took our wonderful Violent Violet synthetic dubbing blend and mixed it with a collection of forest critters to create this wonderful blend.

As always, all of our natural fibers are collected from fashion industry grade pelts, and this blend is no exception to that rule.

For this wonderful dubbing blend we use Asian Grey Squirrel, American Grey Squirrel, Moroccan Tan Rabbit, Moroccan Grey Rabbit and Dark Australian Opossum, and cut it to length by hand, blend it three times in our own machines right here in Bellevue Washington, and add the final touch (the original Violent Violet synthetic blend).

Its a beautiful mix of natural and synthetic, which is really easy to use in a wide variety of techniques, and when daylight hits it when wet, it becomes something pretty special!

Hand made in the USA, sold in packs of approximately 1.5 grams

Weight 0.1 lbs
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 0.1 in
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