Stroft Spool System


Stroft Spool System


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The STROFT SPOOL SYSTEM is the system that every single fly fisher has been waiting for their entire life! How much money do we waste year after year by having our spools explode on the very poorly designed spool holders that we normally use? How much time do we waste trying to unravel the explosion caused by those very poorly designed spool holders that we normally use? I think its fair to answer both of the above questions with a resounding YES!

Tippet material isn’t cheap, lets face it, especially these days! Enter the STROFT SPOOL SYSTEM…

The system itself is pure genius from the mind of a German engineer.

  • Each of your spools has its own fully closed housing, which protects your tippet from moisture and damaging UV rays.
  • Each spool housing has its own carbide cutter, which saves your teeth and your nippers
  • Each spool housing has its own clamp system, ensuring that you only pull off what you need
  • Each spool housing has its own interior spring, which prevents your spools spinning inside the housing
  • The entire unit locks together and has its own carabiner hanging system for vests and packs
  • The carabiner system also has an additional D Ring hanging underneath for additional accessories
  • Each spool system holds 5 tippet spools
  • Comes with 25 spool identification self adhesive labels

The bottom line, this is the best way to carry your tippet spools period, there is no alternative! Using the STROFT SPOOL SYSTEM will save you money!


Weight 0.3 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 2 × 2 in
Spool Capacity

5 Spool System

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