MNOFUZE Euro Nymphing Fly line

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MNOFUZE Euro Nymphing Fly line


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Master Nymph MNOFUZE Euronymphing line is constructed using the very finest German monofilament as the core material and a unique coating process that uses polymerzote granules to ensure that coating stays lighting slick and highly protected during any Euronymphing techniques where your fly line can find itself in some pretty intense situations, both in the water and alongside the bank.

MNOFUZE lines are available in 5 different colors including the fully clear version – NYMPHISIBLE!!

We spent almost two years developing our range of Euronymphing fly lines, including dozens of prototype runs and lots of actual field testing before we decided to manufacture these lines. With this in mind, you can be assured of the very highest quality product that has decades of fly fishing experience, decades of fly fishing product research & development and perhaps most importantly, decades of studying this fascinating technique that is now known as Euronymphing to fall back on!

MNOFUZE Euronymphing lines give the angler a core material that has 9.9% stretch, the polymerzote coating is blended out of materials that ensure a super slick and shootable surface area, but also create an extremely tough protective barrier that floats high and stays floating!

Each of the MNOFUZE lines comes with a factory fitted, German manufactured 2mm tippet ring to help create easy and seamless leader connections, and a factory fitted micro loop on the back end to aid with backing to fly line connections.

Fully FIPS Mouche rules compliant (0.55/0.22) diameter and full 90ft/27.5mtr length make sure that all of our Euronymphing fly lines comply with all competitors needs.

  • 9.9% stretch supreme quality German Monofilament core
  • Proprietary Master Nymph “Nymphisible” coating that makes the fly line invisible to fish
  • German made 2mm factory fitted tippet ring for easy leader to fly line connection
  • Factory fitted micro loop for easy backing to fly line connection
  • Competition legal diameter 0.55/0.22 FIPS Mouche rules legal
  • Full length (90ft/27.5mtr) FIPS Mouche rules legal
  • Fully designed/manufactured in the USA by Master Nymph & Monic Fly Lines
  • Available in 5 colors to give every angler a choice to match their own style of Euronymphing.
Weight 0.3 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 1 in

Nymphisible Clear, Olive, Chartreuse, Raspberry, Terracotta

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